Your bio is written everytime you go online.

Don’t you want a chance to proofread it?

Much of what people do online or in the 'real world' is tracked and stored in the form of data, leaving behind an individual footprint that others may be able to see.

Monitor your online trail through our specialized tools

Online Identity

Over 50% of Britons Have been a Victim of a Cyber-Crime

We scan our database of 600 million records in real time so you can see if your data has been stolen and is available for sale by criminals on the Dark Web.

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Financial Scores

Over 6 million UK adults have still never checked their credit score

Monitor your report with our specialized tools so you can protect your credit and guard against ID theft and fraud.

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Social Identity

More than one-third of job applicants were rejected in 2015 due to a social media check

See your social media profile and scores in less than 30 seconds. Compare yourself to others, get tips to improve and monitor how your profile changes over time.

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Browser History

UK ad blocking grew by 82% to reach 12 million active users in 12 months up to June 2015

See your browsing history profile through the lens of businesses, edit your history for unwanted tracks, and protect your profile as you navigate the web.

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